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Eco-Friendly Biological Technologies

Environmentally safe alternative to Harsh Chemicals. Bacillus cultures available in solid, liquid and dry formulas, and nitrifying cultures in liquid. We have ready to use products and develop concentration for formulators.

Each product is developed to solve the root cause of wastewater issues. We strongly believe in not just providing a Band-Aid© or cover-up, but taking out the source cause of each filament, foam, surfactant, hydrogen sulfide, settling, and ammonia issue. The key to our success is nutrition. We provide the right nutrients and stimulants to give the bacteria the “tools” they need to degrade the specific problem agent. This is how we can truly tailor each product to each wastewater issue.

Ask Us How We can Help You

Bio Technologies can be a valuable contributor to:

  • Municipality waste water treatment
  • Sugar industry
  • Beer, Wine and soft drink industry
  • Rubber industry
  • Crude palm oil
  • Paper industry
  • Fish hatcheries
  • Plastic industry
  • Dairy, cheese and food manufacturing
  • Lagoon and Pond treatment

Wastewater Issues and Bio Technologies Solutions

  • Ammonia Removal & Restoring Nitrification
  • Anaerobic Digester Upset and Troubleshooting
  • Anaerobic Digester Foaming
  • Common Wastewater Filaments
  • Grease Control in Wastewater
  • Hydrogen Sulfide in Wastewater
  • Lagoon & Pond Treatment
  • Microthrix Parvicella
  • Midge Flies & Red Worms in Wastewater
  • Norcardia in Wastewater
  • Zoogloea "Slime" Bulking